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Solar Power, once financed and installed, provides carbon free, no cost electricity to customers for 25 years or more.

Estimated First-Year Savings


Fuel Cells provide highly efficient, low cost energy 24/7 from natural gas or hydrogen.

Estimated First-Year Savings


Battery Storage saves costumers money by reducing energy use during the most expensive times and providing backup power during emergencies.

Estimated First-Year Savings


CHP simultaneously generates electricity and heat, typically from natural gas combustion, which reduces costs and eliminates waste.

Estimated First-Year Savings


Personal Energy Recommendations

    Why Distributed Energy?

    Consumers have increasing opportunities to take control of their energy use. New technologies, lucrative incentive, and advanced controls could mean dramatic energy and cost savings across a portfolio. However, energy projects can be costly, complicated, and slow. Gridmarket makes the process easy.

    GridMarket Makes The Process Easy

    Gridmarket analyzes properties for distributed energy potential and matches opportunities with the best-fit technologies from a network of trusted, top-tier solutions providers.


    The Process

    Customer authorizes GridMarket
    to begin a free analysis, triggering GridMarket to:

    • Analyze energy consumption to understand usage patterns

    • Conduct site walkthroughs to determine physical feasibility for project

    • Find and confirm available incentives and funding

    • Identify and recommend ideal solutions based on analysis

    • Source proposals from top tier solutions providers

    Customers reviews proposals with GridMarket
    to determine best cource of action.

    The analysis is free, there is no obligation throughout the process, and our technology-agnostic approach means consumers can be confident they are receiving the best solutions for their unique location.

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